SS11 Snaps from Topshop

As usual, Look magazine have kindly provided me with Topshop’s preview pictures for all their upcoming collections – Snake Valley and Graduation are now getting off the ground, but we still have Swedish Summer and New Age Constellation to come! That last one sounds great doesn’t it? Having looked at the pics I think it’s a bit minimal and urban for me, but at least the name is really cool.

Here are my favourites:

Topshop SS11 01

Fringing and sunset shades!

Topshop SS11 02

Colour blocks and a lovely ladylike skirt shape!

Topshop SS11 03

Paisley palazzo pants! Eeeeek!

I also love this jumpsuit from ASOS:


It looks so comfy! And amazing with the 70’s hat.

Good thing I just got a new job, huh?

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Golden Globe Frockery

Before Christmas, I had a major cuff lust. I wanted some serious Wonder Woman arm candy, complete with trinkets, engraving and huge semi precious gems. They were nowhere to be found, but now? All Topshop want to give me is cuffs! Bah. Glad I got mine from the Miss Selfridge sale.

Anyway, it’s awards season again, and my eyes are glued to the fabulous dress pictures as much as they are to the podium of each event. I’ve been ogling pictures of the red carpet at the Golden Globes, and have picked out my favourite looks for your pleasure!

1) Catherine Zeta-Jones

I think this woman wrote the book on gorgeous. Also, her dress bears quite a resemblance to my school leavers’ ball dress! Clearly we pale brunettes know what suits us 😉

Catherine Zeta-Jones

2) Diana Agron

A perennial favourite of mine since her advent on the red carpet scene, Diana knows how to look like the epitome of feminine loveliness and I think she looks her best in floaty pastel drapery. Extra points for the glamourous ringlets and sparkly little box clutch.

Diana Agron

3) Angelina Jolie

Normally not a favourite of mine, because she is really very thin and often looks too haggard and veiny on the red carpet for my tastes. But here I think she looks great: the colour and sequins on the dress and her side-swept hair give her the appearance of a glamourous mermaid! I just think the dress is a stunning design and would look good on anyone tall and reasonably trim.

Angelina Jolie

4) Olivia Wilde

Top marks to Marchesa for the outer-space-meets-endless-ruffles dress, though I’m not usually a fan of Ms Wilde’s style – I hate her hair and think her cheeks look positively sunken here!

Olivia Wilde

5) Claire Danes

So very Spring/Summer 2011. The colour pop credentials of this dress are amazing! And Claire has cleverly chosen a shade that whilst bright, still complements her hair and skin tone. The halter-neck and thin belt make it really smart. And what better way to accessorize than with a huge golden award?

Claire Danes

Oh, and look – Ms Danes just so happens to be wearing a very Diana Prince-esque cuff! The stars of Hollywood and I, The Stardancer – your guide to the future of high street fashion!

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Lust of the day: Tapestry Shoes

There’s just something about that old-fashioned floral fabric that sends me reeling, most especially when it’s covering a shoe. Whether it makes me wistful for an era of Victorian carpet bags, bustles and feathered hats, and being drawn in a carriage; or takes me further back to a time of real tapestries, hung on the oak-panelled walls of English country squires of old, to keep the manor house warm whilst he is out hunting…oh, they just get my heart rate going and every materialistic vein in my body fit to bursting! Here are the particular tapestry shoes that have got me all in a flutter recently:

Tapestry pumps

Pumps £23, Dorothy Perkins (a little overpriced I’d say, and perhaps the only item I’d consider buying from their new ranges – yes, I’m still annoyed with them!)

Tapestry Shoes

A collection of heels – my utter favourites are the ribbon mary-janes from Office which are £65. Unfortunately, the tapestry boots are £22.50 in the Office sale with only two sizes left, and as far as I can tell the lovely higher heels, once £45 from Miss Selfridge, are no longer available.

Probably a good thing, as lusting after the pairs I could theoretically get hold of is trying enough on my dwindling bank balance.

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River Island officially win

Last season, River Island’s preview snaps had me drooling and gawping weeks before the weather was suitable for autumnal purchases. I was raring to go after seeing their red velvet leggings and cream lace blouses teamed with satchels and leather and fur. Well, it appears that this season is no different – yes, I’m a Topshop loyalist and they have produced the coolest, most languid, most rock’n’roll spring collection I’ve ever seen (it’s this one, in case you haven’t heard). Yes, Snake Valley is making me jittery with a desperate need for fringing and ponchos. But River Island’s collection is incredible: in its range, its freshness and its remarkably prêt-a-porter designs. They have managed to produce, from the looks of the images, a capsule collection for each spring trend that perfectly sums up its style and personality. And unusually for them, and in a way that Topshop simply cannot master; nearly all the items in the preview shoot are ones that I would happily wear around town. None of this fringed hot-pants nonsense.

For the record, THIS is how we combine Snake Valley and Ladylike, the season’s two biggest looks:

Combining snake valley and ladylike

(Finally! I can play at being a cowboy festival girl and still uphold my vintage style persona!)

And THIS is how we pattern clash to perfection:

Pattern clash perfection

(That lilac polka dot blouse is MINE! I have the perfect cream floral skirt to clash it with…)

You see? They are masters. So yes, RI officially beats Topshop.

And Dorothy Perkins still lose, for basing their second SS11 collection (the one that loosely claims to be feminine and 70’s inspired) on sickly, washed-out camel shades. The catwalks said delicate, pale and neutral, Dotty – not ‘please make me look ill and fat’. I doubt I’ll make the effort to walk to the opposite end of the shopping centre AT ALL this spring – not when Toppers and River Island are so conveniently across the mall from each other at this end! You know where to find me…

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More Snake Valley Musings

Despite the many delivery issues I have had with, I can’t seem to stop checking out their stuff! I keep telling myself that I’ll avoid the website and boycott it forever because of the lapses in service quality, but even though most of their stock is a bit rubbish, I keep going back for more – after all, what on-trend items they do have are extremely well-priced, and as a poor student I am lured in by the promise of bargains! My perusing today has led me to find the perfect not-quite-spring-yet cover up, and a fabulous vintage-esque accessory that I can’t stop cooing over, both naturellement in-keeping with the western gypsy rock chick vibe of the moment:

Multi Coloured PonchoIndian Chief Ring

Poncho £18 and ring £8, plus the ubiquitous £3.99 postage and fortnight-long wait, of course. And yet I know eventually, I will cave in and order them. Shopping. It’s my one weakness.

Oh, I also had to post about the über-bargain I achieved in my local Topshop today! I’ve been eyeing up these shoes for a while, knowing they were in the sale, but once they went out of stock online I was content to relinquish them. Little did I know that they would crop up in my town, and with a further reduction, making them an incredible £15 compared to the original £70!!

Suede block heel sandals

Unfortunately they didn’t have my usual size 6 in stock, but the size 5 seemed very roomy, and the material is really cushioned and comfortable to wear. So I took the plunge and got the 5. I wore them for an hour when I got home and they were fine for that length of time, but perhaps no longer – for me, those heels are high; they’re the highest I own! I don’t really need them since I never, ever go out, but at that reduction, and for such lovely leg-flattering on-trend specimens, I couldn’t refuse! The shopping demon wouldn’t let me!

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Dorothy, I’m disappointed in you

Hehe! It’s 2011 and the SS11 collections are starting to roll in. I could not be more excited about Topshop’s new Snake Valley theme – punched leather, crochet knits, tie dye, snake print, cowboy hats and boots, turquoise jewellery, tassels, fringing, fringing and more fringing! Imagine sitting outside with your friends on a hazy summer evening, dressed up like a gypsy rock chick and listening to The Eagles on party speakers. If you happen to be in the middle of a Californian desert under a pink sunset, even better.

Snake Valley

My only concern with this trend is that it involves a lot of layering – which usually means a lot spending! Unless you happen to already have a tasseled blanket cardigan, aztec print vest and fringed black leather shorts hanging around in your wardrobe? No. Thought not.

Of course, this isn’t really much of a vintage look. I mean you can easily incorporate some of the 70’s shapes and prints into it, because they’re both very festival-based trends; but the 70’s aren’t my decade of choice. As you well know, I’m firmly in the 1940’s-50’s, and perhaps the early 60’s, with plenty of tight waists, midi skirts and floral prints. So how I’m ever going to work this lazy-desert-gypsy-rock’n’roll look into my outfits, I have no idea! All I know is that I love it too much to give it a miss. Expect to see me regularly checking Miss Selfridge to see if this cardigan has been further reduced in the sale, and wearing my new turquoise cuff with everything:

Tassle blanket cardiganTurquoise cuff

On a negative note, Dorothy Perkins have sunk to the depths of boringness by naming their newly launched, introductory, headlining spring collection…….‘High Seas’. Yes, ladies and gents, it’s entirely nautical. Primarily made up of denim, stripes and coral florals, with the occasional on-trend satchel; it’s a total flop as far as I’m concerned. Dismally average with no stand-out pieces, and recycling the oldest trend ever for yet another season, it seems to me that DP have vastly underperformed in the new-season-excitement stakes. I mean, compare blue chambray and ditsy cardigans to the wild prints, precious stones and rock star fringes of Topshop’s offering – who wants same-old nautical when they can have something as cool and intricate as Snake Valley? Well, if you think I’ll be purchasing a pair of anchor-shaped earrings you can put your money somewhere else!

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Another camel coat

Camel coat + Cara Delevingne + my future self strolling into the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford with a coffee in one hand and a script in the other = somebody restrain me please.

Belted Wool Camel Coat

I also love the hat, which coincidentally, I own a version of.

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