The research begins in Autumn/Winter; the collections filter through in January; and by February it’s time to get well and truly acquainted with the possiblities for your Spring/Summer wardrobe. So, The Stardancer proudly presents – My Guide to the Trends of This Fashion Season.

I am a fashion-conscious ordinary girl like you, who wishes to wear what’s most stylish and fashionable, without succumbing to the clone-like high street appearance that plagues many a British town centre. I want to be cool, but I want to be me, and the ‘me’ part involves a heathy teaspoon of good old fashioned English vintage. Hopefully, the time I spend watching previews, scouring new season collections and gathering knowledge from other bloggers, magazines and the girls around me – not to mention my at times obsessive interest in the fashion world – gives me qualification enough to say that I am well-informed. So here goes: one little girl’s take on Spring/Summer 2011.

I will present the guide in stages, dedicating one post to each key trend and a final post to little extras or ‘micro trends’. Having weighed up the offerings of the high street I’ve grouped the key trends into six:

  1. Mad Men style
  2. 1970’s influence
  3. Vintage Varsity
  4. Secret Garden
  5. Snake Valley
  6. Futuristic Minimalist

So hopefully by next Tuesday we’ll all be sorted as to what counts as which trend, how to combine trends, how to make them vintagey, and which ones we hope to look stunning in this Spring!

See you tomorrow for a break down of how to dress like a 1960’s office pin-up girl 😉


About thestardancer

Vintage style for the new world. Student, big dreamer, magic believer. I love to sing, dance and write. Geek, firmly out of the closet. Peace one day.
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