Faux Fur – the perfect transition accessory

It may be February, but SS11 is already spreading its wings. The start of the summer season is always the hardest – not only does the discerning fashionista have to grab key trends before they’re in full flow, with the finances still recovering from Christmas; but she also has to deal with wearing them….when it’s still FREEZING outside.

Catherine Zeta Jones wearing red fur coat

I myself am terrible at dressing appropriately for the temperature, and am always looking for stylish ways to keep warm. So when I spotted Catherine Zeta Jones wearing this divine scarlet-coloured fur coat, I was inspired. Fur is an excellent way to transition from AW to SS – put together a spring outfit, then just throw on a faux fur coat. You’ll look like a retro glamourpuss (especially if you add shades) and be really warm and snuggly!

Rules for fur:

  1. It MUST be fake.
  2. Don’t mix fur and fur – just the coat, or just the accessories.
  3. Keep it to natural colours or dark wintry shades like Catherine.
  4. Hair must be coiffed and make-up must be neat and subtle. This is NOT a look you can pull off if you’ve rushed from the house without make-up or a blow-dry. Similarly if you wear too much make-up you’ll look tarty. Keep it ladylike.
  5. Make the fur the focus by keeping the rest of the outfit simple.

I’ve done my research and have decided that ASOS is the place to get your fur goodies. They have a staggering range of fantasy fur accessories, and even better, they’re mostly modelled by my girl crush Cara Delevingne!

fantasy fur asos

Cape and hood £27, leopard earmuffs £6, tippet £12, snood £15, mittens £12, palm warmers £12, leopard mittens £15, cuffs £8, deerstalker hat £16 (prices correct 06/02/11)

I have the snood! ASOS also have a fairly good match for Catherine’s purply coat.

Dark red faux fur coat

………which I also just happen to have in my wardrobe as we speak 🙂


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Vintage style for the new world. Student, big dreamer, magic believer. I love to sing, dance and write. Geek, firmly out of the closet. Peace one day.
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