Vintage Evolution

I had an epiphany today. I looked in the rear-view mirror in my Dad’s car and saw my reflected face, in all its pale whiteness and pink cheeks, and I was reminded of just how English and girly I look most of the time. And because I look more like an Austen character than a rock star, I don’t do cool very well.

Let me clarify. At school I wanted to look like the artistic cool girls, who were waif-like and just the perfect mix of indie and fashionable. They were like mannequins or models, and often ended up looking vaguely like this:

Kate Moss

Yep – Kate Moss, Topshop’s muse. I really wanted their androgynous, delicate look, and I would try, but end up looking lumpy and over-complicated. Because I’m not a stick, and I don’t have an elfin face like Twiggy. The truth is that my figure bears more resemblance to the right than the left:

Keira Bikini Holly Bikini

(Naturally, this is Keira Knightley and Holly Willoughby. I know, I know – the Holly picture is an ancient one, but she’s been pregnant/with a baby for the last two years, and that means a shortage of bikini snaps!)

And therefore, if I drape myself in edgy rock star gear, my whole shape gets swamped. I look my best when I wear clothes that were built for girls with a waist. Clothes designed to emphasise the femininity of that shape, unlike modern clothes which are designed to hang straight down off the shoulders like they would off a hanger. That look is undeniably cool, and underpins the silhouette of the 70’s trend, but it doesn’t suit me. I know what suits me, and it is, naturally…


So I promise that tomorrow I will make a post about how to incorporate vintage looks into SS11 – florals, polka dots, midi skirts, and all-things-feminine. And I promise that I’ll stop trying to be something I’m not. I’m an English Rose, a country lass, and that’s far better than being skeletal and posing around in thick kohl with cigarettes. No matter how cool that might look.


About thestardancer

Vintage style for the new world. Student, big dreamer, magic believer. I love to sing, dance and write. Geek, firmly out of the closet. Peace one day.
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