I love the Sun in January – it’s so low in the sky that there’s actually an excuse to wear sunglasses when out of doors! And as we all know, they instantly improve the majority of outfits, and are great for folks like me who get up late and never have time to put proper make-up on.

In the Snake Valley stakes, I’m in need of some kind of kimono/shrug/poncho thing, preferably reddish and floaty, to throw on over my fringed tops and terracotta midi skirts (as seen at River Island, look here). I’ve narrowed the options down considerably, and have decided that this Topshop number is probably my best bet:

Snake Print Kimono

Also, I secretly want one of these:

baseball jacket

(A word of warning – affordable baseball jackets are plentiful at New Look, but apparently they’re really rubbish and fall apart within a week. So control your bargain-hunting instincts and trawl eBay instead. Many are under £20 even with postage).


About thestardancer

Vintage style for the new world. Student, big dreamer, magic believer. I love to sing, dance and write. Geek, firmly out of the closet. Peace one day.
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One Response to Musings

  1. helengiles says:

    Everytime I see one of those jackets on TV or in a movie I think, ‘Ooo… I want one!’ 😉

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