Lust of the day: Tapestry Shoes

There’s just something about that old-fashioned floral fabric that sends me reeling, most especially when it’s covering a shoe. Whether it makes me wistful for an era of Victorian carpet bags, bustles and feathered hats, and being drawn in a carriage; or takes me further back to a time of real tapestries, hung on the oak-panelled walls of English country squires of old, to keep the manor house warm whilst he is out hunting…oh, they just get my heart rate going and every materialistic vein in my body fit to bursting! Here are the particular tapestry shoes that have got me all in a flutter recently:

Tapestry pumps

Pumps £23, Dorothy Perkins (a little overpriced I’d say, and perhaps the only item I’d consider buying from their new ranges – yes, I’m still annoyed with them!)

Tapestry Shoes

A collection of heels – my utter favourites are the ribbon mary-janes from Office which are £65. Unfortunately, the tapestry boots are £22.50 in the Office sale with only two sizes left, and as far as I can tell the lovely higher heels, once £45 from Miss Selfridge, are no longer available.

Probably a good thing, as lusting after the pairs I could theoretically get hold of is trying enough on my dwindling bank balance.


About thestardancer

Vintage style for the new world. Student, big dreamer, magic believer. I love to sing, dance and write. Geek, firmly out of the closet. Peace one day.
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